Fishing Report No. 1

This weekend brought us the Baileys Harbor Brown Trout tournament. We were able to make use of the launches here in Kewaunee! They are now open and we do have launch passes available here. Cash or check only.

We headed out for the maiden voyage of the year on the lake at about 7 am Thursday morning. We found fairly lumpy seas from the north, thus we opted to head north about a mile and troll with the seas at our stern. We were able to pluck a few small browns with Storm stick baits in a silver color 100′ behind the boards in about 12 FOW. We did end up losing that stick bait after a big brown tore apart the snap swivel. My fault for using a very very small swivel. We set some spoons out on the riggers to see what would happen. Ended up taking 6 hits on copper confusion Stinger spoon. DID NOT LAND A SINGLE ONE! We set these about 20′ back and 8-12′ down. Capped the day off with a couple lake trout and another brown before we headed in for the day.

Friday AM we headed out of Algoma, Fished about a mile north. Checked out some shallow water and we ended up tangling into some small kings in about 6 FOW. They destroyed some of my floater Rapalas, and we vacated the area. Caught a Brown in front of the Condos, and we decided to power down to the pump house. Grabbed another brown and a few more lakers on our way back to Kewaunee.

Saturday we launched back out of Kewaunee and fished south. Found some browns and lakers in shallow on stick baits again. A buddy of mine was fishing shallower than I was in the same area and had about the same results with a bonus Coho.

All told we lost a incredible amount of fish, and some very good ones too besides. That’s the way it works out sometimes I suppose, but hard to beat a couple days out on the water with some bonus browns for dinner and lakers for the smoker. My apologies for being long winded here, I could probably write a lot more, but once the fishing warms up here some more and as I can get out I will make them shorter and sweeter. Maybe I can get some contributing captains to add their reports as well.